Lynn and Doris Cazier

The Caziers joined the Kenya team in 2003 to serve among the Maasai people. Over these years CMF-planted churches received their own registration from the Kenyan government, as Community Christian Church (CCC ). Currently, CCC has 150 congregations in various areas of Kenya where they continue to evangelize and plant new churches.

Lynn coordinates church building construction together with the CCC National Advisors Ministry (NAM), community development projects, and trains church leaders to manage these projects themselves. Lynn is teaching CCC leaders to read church building quotations, enter and track construction expenses, and encouraging them to be men of integrity and accountability.

Dori works alongside the CCC Women’s Ministry and oversees a bead project, which generates income for CCC Women’s Ministry. She also serves as team leader for CMF missionaries partnering with CCC.

Lynn and Dori have 3 daughters: Crystal and husband Hdavid Garcia; Leslie and husband Ben Nuss; and Cara, who attends a US university.

Pray with Lynn and Dori for:

• Strong partnership between CCC and CMF.

• CCC leaders’ continued growth in accountability and integrity.

• Healthy unified new team – two CMF-Kenya teams recently joined as one new team.

• Wisdom and discernment in their roles with the team and CCC leaders.